November 9, 2007

Korea Report Blog Makes Its Mark

The Washington Post carried an article titled "N. Korea Shows Signs of Opening Up, After Decades of Self-Imposed Isolation" today. The article highlights recent developments that suggest a thaw in relations between the US and North Korea, as well as rapid rapproachement between the two sides of Korea.

Many of the items mentioned in the article have already been covered right here in Korea Report blog, suggesting the potential of blogs to break news first to select audiences:

"Disabling of N. Korea Nuclear Facilities Going We...
Mt. Baekdu Opens to South Korean Tourists
Fast Food Arrives in North Korea
Nuclear Disarmament, US and South Korean Politics
US-North Korea Joint Operation Against Pirates?
Additional Commentaries on the Korea Summit, the S...
Ping Pong Diplomacy?
Vietnam, Korea, and the US

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