February 7, 2008

"PBS Will Broadcast Concert From North Korea"

Followup to KR postings: NY Philharmonic's Concert in North Korea To Be Seen Globally

"The New York Philharmonic's concert in North Korea on Feb. 26 will be broadcast that evening on WNET, Channel 13, and distributed two days later on PBS, broadcast officials said Wednesday. In an unusual arrangement, ABC News will cooperate with WNET, New York’s public television station, to produce the broadcast." More news

Looks like the historic concert will be shown on a national television network in the US. Perhaps this first major cultural exchange between the US and DPRK will foster lessening of mutual distrust and animosities. The experience will be especially eventful and emotional for the Korean-American players in the NY Philharmonic who will be visiting the forbidden half of their homeland for the first time.

[Followup News: North Korea will broadcast this concert live on its television network, enabling people in North Korea to see this historic event in totality.]

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