July 3, 2008

"Where’s the buzz: Mad Cow epidemic movement in South Korea"

The remarkable phenomenon of widespread public protests in South Korea in recent months, made possible by the Internet and handheld electronic devices, is being picked up by web monitoring groups that spot trends in global web use. See "TrendsSpotting" posting.

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Anonymous said...

The Trendspotting article downplays the MUCH deeper meaning and impetus behind the protests...making it seem like Koreans are simply having fun as they instigate mass protests for a trivial cause. I blame the US media for extremely poor coverage of this topic. The South Koreans are ticked off because the United States is requesting that SK lower its food import quality standards!! It's not about "mad cow"...the protests are about a big powerful nation coercing the small SK country into accepting UNacceptable food standards. As an American, it makes me question why WE as citizens of the US are NOT rioting in the streets. Most of Europe will not accept out meat, Korea won't accept our meat. Rather than minimizing the protests in SK (if covering them at all), the United States media and citizens SHOULD be using this as an opportunity to question why our food standards are SO POOR that the rest of the world won't eat what we have to offer!!!