October 28, 2009

Doing Business in North Korea

[Korea Report's 300th posting.]
In a respite from preoccupation with the North Korean nuclear/security issue, U.S. media is beginning to take notice of other issues, such as joint ventures and business interactions in North Korea, that shed some light on changes occuring within North Korea.

The CNN carried an interview with Hyun Jeong-eun, the chairwoman of South Korea's Hyundai Asan, which has pioneered inter-Korea joint ventures with investment of $272 million in North Korea, in projects like the Kaesong Industrial Park and tours to Mount Kumgang.

The Fortune magazine recently featured "The capitalist who loves North Korea," about Korean-American entrepreneur James Kim (photo, in front of his university in North Korea) who is fulfilling his dream of opening a Western-style university in North Korea that will offer classes similar to a MBA program.

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