February 3, 2009

Working Paper Series on Korea Issues

The US Korea Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies, the Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, has produced informative and relevant resources on Korea-related issues in its "Working Paper Series" [from its website]:

The Korean Diaspora: Mapping Multiple Histories of Korean American Transnational Adoption: This paper examines the socio-political history of Korean American transnational, transracial adoption, including such pull factors as America’s demand for adoptable children since the Korean War and the social conditions and immigration policies which facilitated (and continue to fuel) this exchange.
Korea's Regional Diplomacy: In Pursuit of Peaceful Development in Northeast Asia: China, the Tumen River Development Project and Sino-Korean Relations
Korean War: Ending the Korean War: Considerations on the Role of History: The author argues that as the complex task of constructing a peace regime on the Korean peninsula begins, constant confrontation with historical inquiry, which undercuts the natural tendency to simplify and distort the past into national myths that hinder reconciliation, will be necessary.

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