February 20, 2009

Stephen Bosworth Named U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in South Korea during her Asia trip, has named Stephen Bosworth as the newly-created position of the special envoy for North Korea, in addition to being named as the chief U.S. negotiator to the six-party talks on North Korean nuclear disarmament, energy aid and normalization of relations. Having returned from a recent academic trip to North Korea [the AP Photo shows Bosworth in Beijing after returning from Pyongyang], Bosworth, a former ambassador to South Korea, brings a wealth of experience and new insights to the stalled negotiations. Bosworth replaces Christopher Hill as the chief U.S. negotiator.

Here are some key facts on Bosworth [from Reuters]:
- Served as U.S. ambassador to South Korea from 1997-2000, a period that coincided with Seoul's historic efforts at rapprochement with isolated North Korea.

- Executive director of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organisation from 1995-1997, when that consortium began building two light-water nuclear energy reactors in North Korea under an earlier nuclear deal with Pyongyang that collapsed in 2002.

- The Dartmouth College alumnus also served as the State Department's director of policy planning and was ambassador to the Philippines from 1984-1987, the period when former President Ferdinand Marcos' government collapsed and the long-time strongman fled to exile in the United States.

- Won the American Academy of Diplomacy's Diplomat of the Year Award in 1987.

- Became dean of Massachusetts-based Fletcher School in 2001. Fletcher credits him with launching new business and law degree programmes and extending the international relations graduate school's networks in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

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