March 7, 2008

Korean Culture Comes to NYC Subway

A poongmul (Korean traditional percussion) player performs in the Times Square subway station in New York City, bringing Korean culture single-handedly to the masses. Poongmul drumming, also called Nong Ak (meaning farmer's music), was played during festivals to celebrate planting and harvesting, but is now widely played by Koreans, in large gatherings, music festivals, and rallies. In the US, poongmul teams helped Korean-Americans and Korean adoptees to rediscover Korean culture and roots. See a video of poongmul performance.
[Photo courtesy of John Choi.]

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ms.rhee said...

This is Vong Ku Pak, a good friend/sunbae of mine in NY! He is one of many NYC underground musicians who has been active for many years now.