February 4, 2008

Korea Report Makes Foreign Policy Association's Blogroll

Korea Report has been included in the blogroll (favorite or bookmarked blogs) of the U.S. Diplomacy: Great Decisions 2008 Blog, associated with the Foreign Policy Association. It is good to see KR playing a part and providing resources in policy discussions on Korea-related issues.

Other blogs that include KR in their blogroll, or have mentioned KR in their postings or have exhanged commetaries with KR include:

DPRK Studies
The Grand Narrative
Kaesong Konnection
The Korea Chronicle
Korean Unifications Studies
North Korean Economy Watch
North Korea Zone
Tongil Korea

Also, following organizations maintain resource links to KR or have mentioned KR on their sites:

Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network
Korea Policy Institute
National Association of Korean Americans
Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea (South Korea)

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