May 1, 2018

Fast Progress on Inter-Korean Thaw After the Summit

Fast progress on inter-Korean thaw after the summit:

1) Dismantling of provocative border propaganda speakers
2) Synchronizing time zone for the two sides of Korea -- benefitting upcoming inter-Korea exchanges and commerce
3) Working towards linking railway between the two sides, enabling future continous land trip from South Korea to Europe.
4) Talks of multiple unfied sports teams at the upcoming Asian Games
5) Talks of reviving inter-Korean liason/business office at the Kaesung industrial complex
6) Working to arrange reunion of separated families during the August 15 Libereation Day period
7) Upcoming high-level military talks to reduce military tension, including making the contested and volatile sea border area in the West Sea as "peace zone" for mutual fishing activities

And ---
-- Unprecedented 80% approval rating for President Moon after the summit
-- Extensive and transparent coverage of the summit in the North Korean state media
-- Big sigh of relief for Koreans, especially those living close to the border

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