July 1, 2013

Bibimbap Gains Popularity

Bibimbap ("mixed rice") has become popular Korean dish in the U.S., along with kimchi and bulgoki. This dish is marketed as "Buddha's Delight" in an upscale Korean restaurant in Boston, served in midtown Manhattan Korean vegetarian restaurant frequented by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, and served in ubiquitous food trucks in downtown D.C. Bibimbap, with vegetables as its main ingredients, obviously appeals to health-conscious or vegetarian eaters (versions without meat toppings).

A Korean restaurant in downtown D.C. (Ricebar, 1020 19th St. NW) has found a creative way to serve bibimbap (and noodles), where customers can visually pick and choose the ingredients, much like the operation at Chipotle. By the look of long queue during lunchtime, this looks like a formula for success.