February 28, 2009

Korean Broadcasters Decry Government's Attempts to Stifle Freedom of Speech

This is a video made by union members of the MBC broadcasting network in South Korea, who are engaged in a strike to protest the government's attempts to revise media laws that they say would stifle freedom of speech and dissenting voices. President Lee Myung-bak's conservative party, using its majority in the national assembly, is trying to steamroll legislations bent on conservative agenda without reaching comprises with the opposition or support from the populace.

The broadcasters used their trade skills in producing this video message in five languages to send their appeals overseas. It was originally posted on YouTube but has since been removed by the user who had posted it -- perhaps due to South Korean government's pressure, as the government has pressured Korean search engines to remove links to it. But with Internet, attempts to silence dissent would be difficult to do, as this video clip from another site attests.

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