February 27, 2008

Arirang Heard Around the World

North Korea is not an isolated, far-away place after all -- it is indeed connected to the global world. Who would have imagined this unlikely scenario a few months ago: 1) NY Philharmonic performs an unprecedented concert by US orchestra in Pyongyang, 2) South Korean television crew records the concert in HD for viewing live in South Korea and around the world, 3) Internet users pick up the show and uploads it on YouTube for more wider distribution to the world community....

Arirang is a traditional song that is sung in all parts of Korea by all generations, a true representative song for all Koreans regardless of ideology and politics. The song of Arirang, played by US musicians on North Korean soil that was heard around the world signifies the hope and efforts for peace and reconciliation of all peoples and nations affected by the Korean division and unresolved security issues.

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