December 2, 2007

South Korean couple gets married in North Korea

New Item: "A South Korean couple has married at a mountain resort [Mt. Keumgang or Diamond Mountains, photo] in North Korea, becoming the first South Koreans to hold a wedding ceremony in the communist country, officials said Sunday."

Commentary: Many South Koreans now travel to North Korea and some even commute daily to workplace in the north of the border (Kaesong industrial complex). Recently, a pregnant South Korean visitor to North Korea gave birth at a Pyongyang hospital, giving first birth to ROK citizen in DPRK. Now, a couple from South Korea held their wedding ceremony in North Korea, with relatives from South Korea present -- another milestone in many facets of inter-Korean reconciliation and possibilities for Korean reunification. These kinds of occurences are melting away years of animosities and legal barriers that have divided Koreans. What's next -- a Korean from one side marrying someone from the other side?

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