November 29, 2007

More and More Inter-Korean Meetings

Pyongyang and Seoul are truly busy these days hosting series of governmental delegations from the other side...

The defense ministers' meeting (top photo) between South Korea's Kim Jang-soo (left) and North Korea's Kim Il-chol took place in Pyongyang -- first in seven years and only second such meeting ever. The two sides agreed to provide military assurances to joint projects such as the inter-Korea railways and direct air route to Mt. Baekdu in North Korea, but an agreement on the boundary of the proposed joint fishing zone failed to materialize -- indicating still rough roads ahead in implementing a key facet of the summit agreement of October. Related article.

Meanwhile in Seoul, South Korean officials greeted Kim Yang-gon, who is in charge of inter-Korean relations and intelligence matters for the North Korean Workers' Party, a high-level confidante of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Kim is scheduled to meet officials involved in inter-Korean economic cooperation, highlighting North Korea's interest in pursuing joint economic ventures with South Korea. Photo shows Kim at center, showing interest at South Korean-made robot. Related article

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