October 27, 2007

South Korea Admits 1973 Kidnapping of Kim Dae Jung

News Item: "South Korea's spy agency has admitted it abducted future President Kim Dae-jung in 1973, with tacit backing from then leader Park Chung-hee. The admission came after a three-year inquiry by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) into its past conduct."
See more. (Photo: Kim Dae Jung in the 70s with supporters. Kim has rejected the NIS report for not clearly stating that his abductors meant to kill him. -ed.)

Commentary: South Korea is coming to terms with its dark past, in Korean versions of truth commissions and internal government investigations of past wrongdoings. This officially confirms what people knew all along -- and it reaffirms the extent that the KCIA (Korean Central Intelligence Agency) played the instrument of terror on citizens for the ruling dictators. What more revelations will be forthcoming? Would we know the truth (though everyone knows about this too) behind the case of Kim Hyung-wook, former head of the KCIA who went missing in Paris, after seeking asylum in the US and testifying against his former boss Park Chung Hee's abuses (such as the Kim Dae Jung kidnapping incident)?

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