April 6, 2011

Calls for Resumption of Food Aid to North Korea

As the food situation in North Korea worsens, there are calls for resumption of US food aid to North Korea. Here is an appeal from the National Association of Korean Americans:

"As you may know from the recent report by several UN agencies on the food situation in North Korea, the condition is very dire and needs the world´s prompt attention in order to alleviate a mass-scale famine that will severely impact the vulnerable populations of children, pregnant mothers, the sick, and the elderly. The South Korean government, in a reversal of policy, has approved the resumption of civilian humanitarian aid to North Korea. We understand that, under the current political situation, there is a reluctance to approve the resumption of U.S. government´s food aid to North Korea. But, upon a formulation of a new agreement on monitoring and transparency, and a settlement of the past dispute on the U.S. food aid delivery, U.S. food aid to North Korea can and should resume at this critical juncture. Such an expression of good will and humanitarian assistance may foster resolutions of contentious issues between the two countries as well. We urge you to support the resumption of U.S. food aid to North Korea."

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