September 30, 2009

Brief Reunions of Separated Families

As a part of a recent, slight thaw in the inter-Korea relations, selected few separated family members (since the Korean War, due to the continuing division of Korea) were able to see their loved ones for few days at Mt. Keumkang resort area in North Korea. Noticeable on this reunion event was family reunions of a South Korean POW (Korean War) and a detained South Korean fisherman who ventured into the north. Apparently these two have chosen to settle down in North Korea -- with new jobs and families there -- making the dynamics and human stories of family separations and reunions more complex.

Both Korean governments should work towards increasing reunions of separated families, as any delay in reunions cause more and more elder separated members to pass away without ever seeing their loved ones again.


Anonymous said...

This is very heartwarming, and I'm glad the North and South Korean governments finally decided to resume these family reunions. If you're interested, there's a web site called Asia Chronicle News. They offer in-depth analyses and commentaries on issues facing the two Koreas. Worth a read I think.

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